Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Polaris makes several popular brands of pool vacuums for all types of pools, and they also make a full line of other pool supplies as well, including pool pumps and fittings. The Polaris F9550 is one of Polaris most advanced cleaning systems, and it uses sophisticated computer technology for enhanced cleaning.

Internal Mapping

Internal mapping helps the Polaris F9550 learn the layout of your pool as it cleans. Each time it makes a pass, it gets better and misses fewer spots.

Easy Lift System

The easy-lift system helps you remove the Polaris F9550 from the water by causing it to rise to the surface and then expelling its water as you lift it from the pool. The Polaris F9550 is still heavy at nearly 50 pounds, but the easy-lift system makes it much more manageable.

Waterline Cleaning Mode

The waterline cleaning mode is one of the top features of the Polaris F9550, as scrubbing the waterline by hand can take several days in some cases. The F9550 will stay right at the waterline and scrub it clean. Very few other cleaners have this feature.

Easy Clean Filter Canister

Debris is captured and contained from the surface of your pool in the easy to clean filter. The filter is easily emptied with a simple shake and spray of water.

4WD Climbing Technology

4 Wheel Drive Technology tackles any pool terrain, climbs steps and walls, and scrubs tile line with a solid-blade scrubbing brush.

Vortex Vacuum Technology

An over-sized suction intake captures large debris and keeps it suspended in constant motion for long-lasting cleaning performance.

Easy Lift System

The 7-day programmable timer w/ customizable cleaning cycles makes pool care a breeze. The motion sensing remote adds additional control; just point & direct the cleaner to any location in the pool & never miss a spot.