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Polaris P825 Sport Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Packed with the Push 'N' Go filter, the debris in your robotic cleaner is easy to remove, and the filter easy to replace. While other robotics have you unscrew the underside, or retrieving an awkward filter, the P825 makes it easy with a clear view port, and a push button ejector. The handle means you won't have to get your hand in a bunch of wet leaves, and it makes replacing the filter easy. Of course the unit still has the same power you would expect from Polaris, both in suction, and drive. The tank treads, combined with a single front brush, means the P825 can more than handle steps, coves, seats, and tiles.


  1. Cyclonic Vacuum Technology
  2. Push’N’Go Filter Canister
  3. Surface Control System
  4. Transparent Lid
  5. 50 feet Cable
  6. Dual Cleaning Cycles – Floor and Floor & Wall
  7. Premium, Easy to Assemble Caddy

Is the cable tangling in the pool?

The cable is too long in the water. Do not unwind the cable along its entire length. Just place the right length of cable in the water and place the rest on the edge of the pool. To avoid and fix cable tangles, follow the procedure outlined in the “Cable Entanglement” section of the manual.

Wall Climbing Technology

The Polaris P825 expertly navigates all pool surfaces with wall mount protectors and the advanced surface control system that adapts to your pool surface for optimal wall climbing.

Convenient, Powerful Cleaning

Enjoy cleaning features like our patented Cyclonic Vacuum Technology, a dual-cleaning cycle for one-touch, on-demand cleaning cycles, and a durable caddy for easy transport.

Wall Climbing Technology

The Polaris P825 deftly navigates all pool surfaces with wall-hugging tank treads and our advanced Surface Control System that adjusts to your pool surface for optimal wall climbing.

Easy Clean Filter & Clear Lid

The P825's Push'N'Go filter canister enables easy debris removal with a unique transparent lid that takes the guesswork out of knowing when it's time to empty the canister.

Cyclonic Vacuum Technology

Cyclonic Vacuum Technology ensures powerful cleaning action that captures debris without losing suction.